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Storeroom Partnership Services

In today’s business environment, we are all faced with complex challenges and opportunities to reduce operating costs and increase profits. With these challenges in mind, The Kendall Group developed Storeroom Partnership Services. Our program offers a variety of flexible inventory management solutions that are designed to help us achieve common corporate goals. At The Kendall Group, we have a thorough understanding of how our business relationship impacts your company’s bottom line.

  • Goals And Services Provided
  • Operating Cost Savings
  • Reducing Plant Inventories
  • Storeroom Organization and Barcode Labeling
  • Customer Driven Purchasing Procedures and Product Identification
  • Streamlining Processes and Reducing Paperwork

Our goals are simple and straightforward

Kendall Electric’s Storeroom Partnership Services are dedicated to:

  • Reducing our customer’s operating costs
  • Providing uncompromising customer service
  • Building a long-term business partnership with our customer

Although many of the services and tasks within our program are interrelated, these solutions can be customized to meet each specific customer’s needs.

Kendall Electric’s commitment to our customer involves all of our employees. We will strive to help you maximize the benefits of change through uncompromising service today and flexible solutions for tomorrow.

Storeroom Partnership Services may include:

  • Inventory
  • Obsolete inventory disposal
  • Product standardization
  • Bar code labeling
  • Stock location
  • Summary billing
  • Electronic commerce
  • SKU identification
  • 24-hour availability
  • Inventory requisition
  • Order placement
  • Delivery & stocking
  • Material handling
  • On-site management
  • Product training
  • Supplier reduction

Identifying Operating Cost Savings Opportunities

In today’s business, the relationship between two companies demands far more than simply buying and selling products and services. At Kendall Electric, we fully understand that the relationship must become a partnership and we are dedicated to helping our customers find ways to improve efficiencies and lower operating costs. We will accomplish this by working with our customers to completely analyze their inventory, material usage, and procurement process.

Inventory Analysis

Inventory analysis is very often the first step in the storeroom partnership process. A Kendall Electric employee will work with the appropriate customer personnel to compare actual material usage with existing inventories in both the customer’s facility as well as our facility. The analysis is designed to identify redundant inventory, surplus material, obsolete items and critical use items, as well as other opportunities for cost reductions.

Material Procurement Process Analysis

A thorough review of the material procurement process will be studied. The analysis will include all aspects of the process by which material is sourced, requisitioned, purchased, communicated, documented, received, handled, stocked, and disbursed. The analysis will help identify steps in the process which might be streamlined, improved, or eliminated.

Accounts Payable

Process Analysis We will examine the paperwork flow in receiving, process, and invoice payment procedures. The appropriate customer personnel and a Kendall Electric employee can identify any opportunities that would improve productivity and lower transaction costs.

Customer Driven Purchasing Procedures and Product Identification

Summary Invoicing

Accounts Payable personnel typically handle one invoice at a time, matching it to a specific receiving report and processing it for payment. To reduce the work load required by our customers’ Accounts Payable Departments, Kendall Electric can accumulate transactions on a weekly or monthly basis and prepare a "Summary Invoice" which documents all the transactions for that period. This allows our customers' Accounts Payable Departments to handle multiple purchase transactions via a single process. Summary Billing reduces paper and processing time by utilizing batch processing instead of handling, matching, and processing multiple loose invoices.

Customized Computer Cross Referencing

Kendall Electric has the system capability to simplify order processing by electronically tying the part numbers of the customer, manufacturer, and distributor. This process helps ensure accuracy in the entire process of communication and order entry, processing, shipping, and receiving.

Packing Lists and Invoices Identifying Customer Part Numbers

In order to reduce the time required to receive stock and invoice, Kendall Electric can display customer part numbers and product descriptions on all shipping and invoice documents. We can also offer customer specific comments, and descriptions.

Long Term Pricing Agreements and Contracts

In order to free up time spent gathering price quotations, Kendall Electric can produce a customized material pricing agreement that will provide price stability for a specific period of time. These pricing agreements may cover specific products, manufacturers, or specific catalog numbers.

Reducing Plant Inventories

The Kendall Group is in the business of stocking and procuring material so our customers don’t have to. We have a vested interest in helping reduce your inventory carrying costs and improving efficiencies.

Stocking Programs

Kendall Electric will match our inventory with the materials our customers need. With a matched inventory designed around plant usage, our customers can lower their shelf stock levels without increasing the risk of outages. We will support and document this commitment by tracking our performance monthly through the measurement of customer material usage first pass fill rates.

Inventory Disposal

Kendall Electric, with the appropriate customer personnel, can identify inventory that will fall into three major categories: normal usage, surplus, and obsolete. Surplus and obsolete inventory stocked on our customer’s shelves often represent a large cost in terms of capital, insurance, handling, and storage. Through the utilization of our resources, as well as that of our manufacturers, we are able to help with the disposal of these inventories through surplus sales and buy back programs.

Product Standardization

Kendall Electric, with the appropriate customer personnel, can further streamline storeroom inventories and achieve operating cost savings with the elimination of duplicate products and manufacturers.

Streamlining Processes and Reducing Paperwork

EDI, XML, & Web Order Entry

Utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the customer can generate a purchase order and have the order processed by us within a matter of minutes, with very little human intervention. We can also transmit invoices via EDI. This eliminates another source of paper processing. Additionally, we are able to utilize EDI in conjunction with electronic funds transfer, as well as requests for quotations.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a flexible text format allowing true Business to Business communication for ordering, issuing purchase orders, quoting, delivery tracking, and invoicing to name a few. Having your computer business system communicate directly with ours eliminates the need for extra paperwork and phone calls. We can create XML transactions usin general transaction maps; you can specify your own or design one to fit your requirements.

Paperless procurement functions can also be accomplished over the internet, on our own secure web site. Our customers can check stock, verify price, and place an order directly on our system. Internet transactions are another way to reduce your transactions costs.

Storeroom Organization and Barcode Labeling


One of the key components to our partnership services program is our ability to bar code our customers’ storeroom products. Our customers can save a significant amount of time ordering inventory, picking, and restocking product. Additionally, customers’ internal part numbers can be cross referenced with the manufacturer’s part number and a Kendall Electric part number and incorporated into the bar code.

Establishing Minimum and Maximum Levels

We will work with our customers to determine inventory levels for specific products. This service can be stand alone or work effectively with stocking programs.

Material Handling and Storage Systems

Kendall Electric fully understands the important role logistics plays in your day-to-day business. We will work with the appropriate customer personnel to ensure that the products, supplied by Kendall Electric, are handled and stored in a manner that maximizes efficiency, as well as customer convenience.